Quelles sont les opérations chirurgicales qui permettent de perdre du poids ?

Certainly, there have been since the dawn of time several natural solutions and various diets that allow you to lose weight, more or less healthily and quickly , but sometimes the surgical solution seems like a very effective shortcut and an optimal solution, especially for women. people who are very overweight, that’s why it has become a very well-known practice in the world, even in France.

Among the best-known and coin mixers most popular operations in France to lose weight, you find gastric bands as well as by-passes, which we will talk about in more detail later in this article.

Gastric band surgery to lose weight

As its name suggests, the gastric band operation consists of a  gastroplasty surgery that will place a kind of ring around the upper part of the stomach in order to reduce its volume as well as the flow of food. that is going to be ingested. 

gastric band operation to lose weight

The primary goal of this operation is to accustom the human body to small amounts of food, but enough to quickly trigger the feeling of fullness , and it is on this principle that the whole process is based. weight loss .

This operation is very appreciated by the French, because it allows them to obtain results relatively quickly (according to the body and the specificities of each CoinJoin one), and makes it possible to reduce between 40% and 60% of the excess weight, which corresponds to approximately 20 Kg to 30 Kg.

The by-pass operation to lose weight

Surgical operation as much appreciated as the gastric band, but knows a certain reluctance on the part of the French, because it consists of a rather abrasive and irremediable surgery  in the long term, it should be known that the operation of the gastric bypass consists in a way to bypass the work of the stomach by removing a certain part of it, leaving then only a kind of small gastric pouch capable of ingesting and assimilating smaller quantities of food .

Indeed, the food consumed by people having a bypass will certainly have to pass through the stomach, but will go directly to the small intestine, which makes it possible to reduce the storage of sugar and fat , which consequently, will help to lose weight very quickly.

However, there are some important things you should take into consideration before embarking on a bypass operation, including: 

  • more severe dietary restrictions than those for the gastric band;
  • you will be prone to more severe nutritional deficiencies;
  • lifelong medical follow-up;
  • often irreversible surgery.

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